Mental Health

The Mental Health Team at Northpark Private Hospital offers a range of quality inpatient, day programs and outreach services for people experiencing mental illness.

For more information please click on the link to our Psychiatric Services Brochure to the left of the page.

For Outpatient appointments contact the Consulting Suites on 9468 0110

For Day Programs contact 9468 0177

For Hospital Admissions contact 9468 0850

For All Other Enquiries please contact the Hospital Reception on 9468 0100

Inpatient Programs

East Ward is a 44 bed voluntary inpatient facility.   We strive to achieve personal centred planning and are guided by our core values of promoting respect, service and advocacy for patients with a mental health illness.

Our nursing staffs aim to provide a supportive atmosphere and environment with a structured life strategy designed to promote recovery.

During voluntary an inpatient admission, our patients have a responsibility and are required to sign an inpatient agreement during their admission.

Medical treatment includes medication therapy, Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).


Day Programs

A number of group programs to meet individual requirements is available on an outpatient basis. Some of the programs available include:

Recovery and Support

An open and supportive group that provides assistance for the development of strategies and knowledge throughout your recovery process.

Managing Anxiety and  Depression with CBT

A group to focus on how our perspectives are influenced by our thoughts, feelings and behaviours in situations.


A group to reduce stress and to learn to live in the present moment.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Through identifying personnal values and an understanding of lifes’ difficulties work towards taking new choices and directions in life.

Recovery through creativity: Art Therapy. 

Creative expression can allow your inner thoughts , feelings and knowledge to emerge and assist in managing daily life struggles.

Managing Mental Health and Substance Use program.

Discover the motivation behind substance use and the link to difficulties with your mental health.

Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation.

Are you emotional and vulnerable.? Work towards a sense of wellbeing using strategies of mindfulness and emotional regulation skills.

Other groups are offered periodically and a program calendar is available from the Therapy Co-ordinator or telephone 03 9468 0100 ext 520.

Recovery and Support

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Recovery and Support group has a focus on depression and anxiety management. The topics covered each week are planned 2 months in advance and are planned to meet the needs of the group as well as specific issues experienced by individuals. The principles of Recovery and Wellbeing will provide the basis for the content delivery and will include information and education related to mental health and illness, skills development for the management of symptoms. This is an open group and the topics are different on each day.


These sessions provide information and simple practice to assist you to live more in the present moment, to be able to reduce stress and to struggle less with mental health challenges.
This group is suitable for people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. A closed group held over 3 – 6 weeks or a 3 day workshop run over 3 Saturdays or a day during the week. Held regularly throughout the year. A closed group.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT

ACT focuses on a number of different areas with the aim to help people to:
Identify their personal values and then taking these values as a guide to life. Develop an understanding of the suffering experienced throughout life. Experience and practice Mindfulness as a tool and skill to manage suffering. Move away from the cycle of creating more difficulties in your life that affects yourself and others. A closed group held over 8 – 10 weeks throughout the year.

Recovery Through Creativity: Creative Arts Therapy

No artistic talent is required to attend this group, instead bring an inquisitive mind, and courage to allow your creativity to flow and your inner knowing to emerge. Art Therapy can provide an opportunity to make sense of feelings and reactions we don’t yet have words to explain, to catch sight of that which we may have buried or blocked out, but which nonetheless have impact on our lives, wellbeing and recovery.  A therapeutic approach that utilises creative expression as a commencement point for therapeutic exploration and investigation. Facilitated in a closed group, held throughout the year over 6- 8 weeks.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

 CBT is a framework for understanding how our perspective can alter our thoughts, feelings and behaviours in situations. CBT has been found to be useful in helping many people understand themselves and improve the management of their mental health in dealing with anxiety & depressive conditions. Run over 8 – 10 weeks in a closed group setting. Held through out the year.

Managing Mental Health and Substance Use Program

This program provides treatment for people with a diagnosed mental illness and identified substance use problems. The program draws on understanding the motivation behind substance use, the relationship between mental illness and substance use, and the psychology of substance use. The program integrates evidence based mental health and substance use interventions with the aim of preventing and/or managing relapse behaviours and making lifestyle changes. Facilitated as an open group and run over 8 weeks. Individual sessions are part of the program and a follow up group is offered on a monthly basis following completion of the program.

Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation

This program aims to teach a set of skills based on western psychology and contemplative traditions that can develop more constructive ways to manage emotions and build a solid state of contentment. Chronic dissatisfaction and emotional vulnerability can prevent us from achieving a more durable and flourishing sense of happiness and well being.

In this program clients will be offered the theory of emotions, their function and triggers, alongside the contemplative practice of mindfulness meditation and other emotional regulation skills. Clients will be involved in reflecting on their values, which are crucial to emotional well being. Homework tasks will be set: this will include mindfulness practice and emotion diaries. Sitting and lying-down practices are an integral part of the daily program and clients will need to be prepared for these. A closed group, run over 8 weeks throughout the year.

Outreach Services

The outreach team provides an in home visiting service to care for clients who are unable to undergo a period of hospitalisation or who require care and support prior to or following an inpatient stay. The Outreach Team is available to provide professional psychiatric care to clients experiencing a psychiatric disorder. It may also be a useful option when there is a waiting list for admission to East Ward. For further information about our Outreach Service click here.



In situations where a person is in need of an immediate psychiatric assessment, a consultation can be arranged with an accredited Northpark Private Hospital psychiatrist.